Eva Longoria Parker’s Short hair style

Eva Longoria Parker’s Short hair style with Glamorous Curls Make Her Stand Out from the Others

As one of the 5 winners in the hottest hair contest in Hollywood, Eva Longoria Parker’s hair swings to the center of her back creating a simple, yet sophisticated looks. Eva uses long lovable curls that make her different from other celebrities who sport short hairdo.
The Desperate Housewife’s star prefers a modern, long shag of curly layers that attract the opposite sex. The use of many layers neutralizes the thickness in Eva’s hair and adds trimmings that exude a natural navy texture.

Eva declares that conditioning her hair with spray protects the strands from damage caused by too much heat. Spraying also helps in creating a smooth cuticle and sealing it off to reflect light that makes the hair shine. But if your hair is thin unlike that of Eva’s, you can use a volume-building spray for your hair which will make it strikingly shiny and smoother.
Dry your hair by blowing with the use of a big-circular brush to create a shiny, fine and polished appearance of your hair. On the sides, blow-dry your hair by holding the brush at a 45 degree angle then, roll the layers to make the face visible and create a lifted, pretty look:
Eva Longoria Parker’s Short hair style pictures

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