Reese Witherspoon sports short hairstyles

How to Attract Men by Adopting Reese Witherspoon's Tapered Bangs
Reese Witherspoon's, one of the 5 winners in the recently concluded hottest hair in Hollywood, sports short hairstyle with long layers reaching below the skin. Thousands of InStyle readers voted for her because of the style of her hair that has choppy bangs which ends around her eyebrows.She cuts her hair half inch longer on both sides rather than cutting them straight across to preserve some degree of femininity. This style of cutting allows Reese to have the bangs in any side or straight down.When the bangs have been cut to their desired shape, Reese cuts into the ends to create subtle layers. This way, the bangs will look modern, softer and not so blunt. To complete the short hairstyling process, she makes use of medium-size round brush that blow-dries the hair.She holds the brush in a horizontal position, rolls the bangs downward then, pulls them toward the nose. After drying them to the side, she uses a hair spray and a brush toward the eyebrow grazing over the bangs.The bangs remain in the direction where Reese prefers them to be with the use of little brush. The hairspray is applied directly into the bangs so that they won’t look so sharp.

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