Jessica Simpson’s Short Hairdo

It is Worth Imitating Jessica Simpson’s Short Hairdo with Tousled Waves to Make You Feel Like a Celebrity

Jessica Simpson’s tousled waves made her win as one of the 5 winners in the hottest hair in Hollywood. Jessica’s hair has bits of layers reaching below the shoulders. Her hair is slightly layered with a few short strands around the face.

These strands turn into a longer length at the back which moves the hair out of her face and stay in a much better position at the back. In this hairdo, there is no need to blow-dry the hair to be smooth. It’s good to retain the natural wave that holds the curl.

You can start the process by using a mousse in dampening the hair. When it’s time to diffuse, you can use your fingers to tousle the hair instead of using a round brush which can cause hair straightening. This way, the navy texture of the hair is retained.

If you want to simulate a natural curl pattern, you can use 2 sizes of curling irons, size of 1” and 1.5” barrels. Use the larger iron at the top portions of the hair starting from the temple to make a volume and a looser wave. Have a random curl sections to exude a slight casual and natural appearance.

Simpson Short Hairstyles in 2009

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