Hair Styling Tips Suitable Face Shape

When choosing a new Hairstyle, you should consider your overall body shape. The first feature you should consider is your face shape - is it round, oval, or long sqaure? If you are not sure what shape it is then the easiest way to find out is to scrap your hair back off your face. Stand squarely in front of a mirror and use a lipstick to follow the contour of your face on the mirror.

Tips on hairstyles that suitable your face shape:

hair styling tips for square facehair styling tips for square face
    * For a square face - choose a hair style with long layers preferably one with soft waves or curls, as these create a softness that reduces the hard lines teh. 

hair styling tips for oval facehair styling tips for oval face
* For an oval face - this is regarded by many experts as the perfect face shape. If your face is oval in shape, then you have the advantage of being able to wear any hair style you choose. 

hair styling tips for round facehair styling tips for round face
* For a round face - choose a style with a short fringe, which lengthens the face and a short cut which makes the face look thinner.

hair styling tips for long facehair styling tips for long face
* For a long face - choose a style with short layers or go for a bob with a fringe which will create horizontal lines. The weights of dry or curly hair scrunchie - balance a long face.

* Short hair can be cut close, cropped or layered in a variety of styles.

* The hair of medium length can be worn in a sleek bob or a versatality slightly layered to give.

* Long hair can be waved, curled or left to fall. 

hair styling tips for face wear glasseshair styling tips for face wear glasses
* If you wear glasses - structure and try to choose a hair style that the component. The great spectacles couls spoil a cut and very neat, feathery structures fone could be overpowered by a large voluminous style. Remember to take your glasses at the show when they re-design your hair, so that your stylist can take their shape into consideration when deciding on the overall effect

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