Short hair cuts summer 2012: sexy and feminine

Today I introduce a new gallery of photos of short haircuts for summer 2012 in my opinion, sexy and feminine which include the latest trends. If you want to inject vitality and a modern touch to your look a short cut is what is right for you, in addition to highlighting the eyes, neck and shoulders.

We have already spoken several times of the versatility and convenience of short hair, in a few minutes to wash and dry, and just a bit 'of gel or any accessories to transform a disheveled and cut for a casual chic.

That are asymmetric, scaled, with tufts more or less long front and shorter on the back or shaved on one side, you just choose (with the help of hair stylist) best suited to your facial appearance and personality, as they have done many stars like Rihanna, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Keira Kinightly, Sienna Miller and our Simona Ventura.

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