12 Fabulous Ideas for Long Hair With Bangs and Layered

We never tire of publishing photographs of models with classic long hair, with bangs, layered or slightly scaled. They are absolutely the most beautiful hair ever since the world began, so we are very pleased to present this gallery last year (tomorrow is January 1: New Year, new hair style). During last year we want to show in one collection 3 styles of different hairstyles long divided this way: 4 images of long hair with bangs (very beautiful and provocative), 4 photos of long hair and very scaled and, to finish with a flourish, 4 more photos of hair graduated, but only slightly!

In the preview you can see the girl with the fringe on the left (which I think is fabulous), while the right is a picture of that part of the third style of this archive, or in the hair slightly scaled. If you're still undecided on your hairstyle, you can with these new photos definitely clearer in the ideas and prepare a hairstyle worthy of this name. The different styles are created by professional people and will go out of fashion for several months / years, then with one of these cuts go completely on the safe side (as far as fads etc.). My favorite cut? As always, the black one with the bangs!

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