Dyed red hair, how to choose and make the color last long

Red hair is dyed a very cool choice at this time, but many hidden pitfalls, so you better be prepared. Red is one of the trendiest colors of the year, but if not your natural color and you have to use a chemical dye and you better have a clear idea about it. Prior to upset your color to try out this cool shades you have to choose carefully the nuances right for you, not all reds are good for anyone, and secondly you need to know that red is a color easy to do, but difficult to maintain and above all to remove the hair when we get tired.
The color red is one of the colors easier to do, choosing the right shade not usually have problems, but unfortunately it is quite difficult to maintain, it must be treated with specific products because it tends to fade and lose brightness, and is especially difficult to remove from the hair when you want to return to their color. We give you some tips to get perfect red hair.

How to choose the shade of red

If you decide to change your natural hair color for a redhead trendissima, distort it before you have to choose the right shade. Our advice is to always test a color first temporary and then eventually move to a permanent color, as we have already mentioned, the red is a color difficult to eliminate. In general we can say that the fiery red color is a rather peculiar and contrived that, in general has made ​​a rather "fake" of all, in this case is not so much a matter of complexion, the appearance of only certain faces with regular features are emphasized to the best of this color. Turning to other tones, copper, bright red and very very special to give strawberry rgazze with fair skin, because of them are quite natural and harmonious. Of girls with fair skin should be avoided Mediterranean shades of orange, it's better to bet on the darker shades of red, like the auburn in the mahogany and the deep burgundy.

How to take a long red

When you dye your hair is always important to take care to make the color last long. Any shade of red has the disadvantage of easily fade and lose luster wash after wash, it is therefore important to take some precautions so that the least possible stress on the hair. If you have just made the color red to make it last as long as you use products for colored hair, especially shampoo and conditioner for red hair that sometimes contain small amounts of dye that does not help to make the color fade too quickly . To increase the sheen of the hair instead make the final rinse using apple vinegar, is a true portent, or alternatively passed on the hair a jet of cold water. To keep alive a long and brilliant color, if you chose a shade of red you can try doing pretty intense moisturizing masks-revitalizing using plain yogurt and a teaspoon of red henna.

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