Summer 2012 Hair color: the clumps of purple Vanessa Hudgens

With the arrival of summer 2012, the colors for the hair to make the craziest, most fun and trendy, especially with regard to the "young". It will definitely something the always beautiful actress Vanessa Hudgens, who recently was spotted with her brand new hair. Strands rather dark purple for the beautiful star, paparazzi while walking the streets of Los Angeles along with her ​​friend.

 To attract the attention of the paparazzi this time, however, was the form of bright young star, but her hair! Hudgens also has decided to follow in the footsteps of several star before her, by Katy Perry Selena Gomez, Dakota Fanning from the young Ashley Tisdale, and give a touch of vitality and sparkle to his beautiful hair!
It is not the first time that the actress surprised us with changes look amazing. Last year, for example, the star was "forced" to give a clean cut his long hair, and also had to "put on" a lot of weight to the interpretation of a pregnant teenager who did not care much about his physical appearance and his look in the film "Gimme Shelter."
On that occasion, the actress was thrilled that so much to alter his appearance! "The tattoos, hair, clothes, piercings, the way we do, everything has changed so much that I feel like a completely different person," he told the young star.
In addition, spring, Vanessa had sported an unusual hair blonde who left a little to be desired ... Even then it was script requirements, since the actress was to play a role in the film "Spring Breakers".
This time it seems Hudgens would choose, in total autonomy, to revive her hair color, a result which is indeed very cute and cool! For its part, the star seems very excited about his new look, and after publishing the photo on her blog of her new hair color, has asked his fans what they thought of the result: "Look what I did ... - writes Hudgens - I have some hair dyed purple. "
Immediate messages of appreciation from fans of young actress! Who knows that the purple strands do not become the new "craze color" of the moment ...? Check out our gallery of images dear vain, and let us know what you think! You tingereste of this beautiful color your hair to give a proper welcome to the hot and trendy summer 2012?

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