The short haircuts more practical and stylish for the summer of 2012

Today we will see you with short hair cuts more practical and stylish for the summer of 2012: it is undeniable that for the summer, a short cut is much more practical and we can also better manage the sea. The cuts short that they are really glamorous, as evidenced by the many celebrities who have chosen them. If you also want to cut your hair, you will be spoiled for choice. The first thing to do but will also seek advice from a hair expert, who can assess for themselves the structure of your hair and the shape of your face to find the most suitable cutting.

The cuts short practical and versatile

If you have long hair, decide to cut them very short is never easy. The solution might be to take an average cut, even with the front and part of the strands, the longest: that way you can even change hair up being very trendy and you can decide if you wear your hair smooth or even move. The helmet marched becomes a must, even beloved by celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham. Remember to ask your stylist to leave the tuft longer and remove more hair on the nape, to have such a chic and sophisticated but also easy to maintain. The bob is a haircut that never goes out of fashion and who is really perfect for all women who want to go, without trauma, with long hair than short.

How to make a cut super short women
If half sizes are not for you, our advice is to venture a short cut, the tomboy. Obviously it will take a bit of courage, especially if you have long hair. Always remember that the cuts are also very short ultra-feminine: But you put a little more attention to the trick that will always be flawless. The most glamorous women combine short hair for summer to effect smokey eyes or red lipstick, always fashionable and very sensual. Even the clothing and accessories must be manicured. It should be said, however, a woman with short hair that maybe wearing a simple sheath dress and a pair of pearl earrings, flashy but not excessive, is at the maximum of our sighted chic!

Create movement with color
Changed radically when haircut, you should also think about the color. Not talking about a radical intervention but to create points of light, like sunburn to be really perfect to brighten the face and to give movement to the cut. If you have light brown hair, the council is to create shades of honey color especially on the crest, so as to make it soft and feminine your hairstyle. If you then decide to cut your hair very very short, could also be interesting to think about a radical change of color: how about a platinum blonde haircut to emphasize a tomboy?

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