Demi Lovato, blond hair and pink for a trendy look

Demi Lovato new look! As her friend and colleague, Miley Cyrus, also the young Disney star has decided to opt for a blonde hair, but contrary to Cyrus, Demi has preferred to maintain a very considerable length (with the help of his inseparable extension), for a result really amazing! From brown-haired girl model then and a fringe, in recent years has raised Demi Lovato as they look more and more outrageous, look you do not pass by unnoticed!

 After spending time in a rehabilitation center because of some psychological problems and food, the young star has finally started to take care of himself, of his body, and its beauty. In an interview with the magazine "Self" has indeed talked about the star of the latest news about her life: "I take care of me volendomi well and doing things that make you feel better my body and my soul - explained Lovato - I train 5 days a week, but not for weight loss because it makes me feel good. I change the workouts, I run or ride my bike from Santa Monica to the Mariuna Ray. I also like to make boxes and yoga. "
In short, the Disney star takes care of its wealth and beauty, and never misses a chance to show off new look and always wanted! Despite this, however, admits that when he feels really nice, when it is not made up: "Before I used to feel on top of my glory when I was on the red carpet or at events or when I put in for a shot particular occasion. But now I think that the peak of my beauty is when I can go out with a boy make-up or when I go to the beach without worry and without make-up hair. When you are confident enough of me to show to others without makeup, that is the moment where I feel at the top. "
Having said that, after having displayed a beautiful red hair for several months, the beautiful actress and singer opted for a beautiful platinum blonde, one of the most popular color for this hot summer of 2012! In the last several weeks have been really the stars who have chosen for their beautiful blonde hair, first of all the blonde Miley Cyrus and the beautiful Italian singer Anna Tatangelo. But unlike his colleagues, Demi Lovato has decided to "enrich" further its look with a flashy hot pink hair, opting for a nice "crayon hair", one of the latest trends in the "hair color"!
As Demi fact, many are really the stars who have opted for multicolor hair, make it ideal for trendy and fun to your style in the summer, to be achieved even in your own home with simple chalks! Check out our gallery and get inspired to renew your look!

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