Miley Cyrus new look with short hair and platinum (what do you think?)

Miley Cyrus new look with short hair and platinum

Miley Cyrus has cut her hair, chose a look very short and platinum, by posting photos on Twitter directly from the living room of the famous hairstylist Chris McMillan, author of the latest hairstyles of Miley, as well as the famous The Rachel, the cut Jennifer Aniston wore in Friends.

It all started with the message "going to happen", then the picture that Chris is going to cut what was now the famous bun Miley, bringing scissors to the hair and making threats. Miley had not yet posted pictures of the new look, which many already were protesting, so the star wrote, "If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything. My hair is stuck to my head and that of any other, then they will go away. Hello, hello. "
A support was the friend Cheyne Thomas, who tweeted "Miley, if someone could cut that could just be you! The bitches will copy your stuff in two seconds, let's be honest! "

Then came the revelation, Miley has posted photos of the new haircut, very short and platinum. This is an extreme look for Miley, but is very similar to herself, "I've never felt this way myself in my entire life," and yet "Someone just told me that they are more beautiful than Miley Cyrus."
In the gallery are photos of what has happened to Miley's hair a few hours ago, what do you think of the new look of Miley? Tell it in the comments and take part in our survey!

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